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Add Social Studies Teacher to My Title!

I love 6th graders! I love teaching them so much that this year, I am adding a Social Studies Authorization to my existing English credential to be able to work in a 6th-grade classroom. Why? In the school I started at this year, as is often the case, 6th graders split their time between two classrooms: Math/Science and English/Social Studies. So, their teachers must be double-certified, unlike regular secondary teachers who just have to be credentialed in one subject.

I won’t lie and say I wasn’t intimidated by the idea of starting in on a whole other subject area. But when I looked into it, it sounded simple enough to do. I just had to take one 3-unit course online at UCLA Extension, which I did over the summer, and also pass 3 History CSET Exams. The course was no sweat, and so far, I have passed two of the three CSETs — on my first try! (And the CSETs are notoriously difficult!) The ones I have taken were II, on US History and Geography, and III, on California History, Civics, and Economics. What’s left is I, which is on World History and Geography. I’m waiting until I have time to study for that one, which might not be until Spring Break… but I have until the end of the school year to complete all of the requirements, so that should be just fine!

In all, I am thrilled with how smoothly the process is going. And, one month into the school year, I can say that teaching 6th grade Social Studies is really fun! 6th grade Social Studies is Ancient History. So far we have covered Paleolithic and Neolithic man. We are about to move on to Mesopotamia, then Ancient Egypt! Coming up soon, we will take a 6th-grade field trip to the Natural History Museum (and the California Science Center next door.) Honestly, as much as I love teaching English, I am having a lot of fun with this new subject this year! And, I’m really proud of myself for taking on another certification.


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