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New Year, New School, New Beginnings

In a few days I’ll be starting my first year as a fully credentialed teacher at a new school, the first year as a high school English teacher (instead of middle school.) So exciting!!!

I’m teaching 11th grade English and AP Language & Composition, plus Middle School ELD at Magnolia Science Academy in Reseda. This is totally a dream job – a newish, small school, a positive, productive environment, cool, interesting classes! I’m sure there is much more to look forward to, I just haven’t found out about it yet because I have yet to begin. 🙂

The summer has FLOWN by and I am starting to get busy with planning and purchasing/organizing things for my new classroom. I went to the campus yesterday to pick up some teaching materials and see the room! I am inheriting the former band room — perfect for me, a music lover — which means it has high ceilings and acoustic boards on all the walls. Maybe we should yell and sing in there, or maybe I should play lots of podcasts so we can appreciate the good sound quality? Lol.

I have amassed a respectable library and I am currently looking for appealing ways to display the books. Hoping students are excited by what I have to offer!

Overall, I’m going in feeling really positive and excited about the year to come. When I became an English teacher, I mostly imagined teaching high school and never really even considered middle school, but that is where I landed. Once there, I stopped thinking about moving to high school, but life works in funny ways, and here I am, and I’m very much looking forward to it. 🙂

Here’s hoping this one lasts and I can stay with this place and these people for years to come!


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