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Closing with a Smile: Class Superlatives

This school year is ending in such a strange way, with very little closure for any of us. I want to make sure my students know they are missed and and thought about, so I decided to create this customizable postcard using a found image and mail it to every single one of them at the beginning of June!

I made a list of superlaties for every period in Google Sheets. It took about two days to receive the postcards from the manufacturer, and two days after that I am halfway through “naming” them. Basically, I have the rest of the month to write 65 addresses by hand!

I had a special message printed on the back that will be the same for every student. I tried to be encouraging and show my support. I also wanted them to know that the work they put in from August through March was not for nothing! Since my classes got discontinued during distance learning, it was very anticlimactic for everyone.

I hope these bring a smile to each of their faces so they can close the year with warm memories.


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