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Ali Standish: Middle School Virtual Author Visit!

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I downloaded four YA books at the beginning of the year. I read two of the four YA books I downloaded. They were amazing. One of them, “The Ethan I was Before,” I actually checked out of the LA Library App as an audiobook and played for my reading intervention classes as a cool down on crazy days or as a reward. Now that we are distance learning, I had the thought that perhaps the  book’s author, Ali Standish, would pay a visit to our virtual classroom. So, I found her website, emailed her, and she was happy to comply! This week Ms. Standish send me a 30 minute “Video Visit” just for my reading intervention classes, in which she lead an imagination exercise, gave us some writing tips, spent 20 minutes answering every single student question (I had the students fill out a google form in preparation for this) and she even read to us from her newest book, called “How to Disappear Completely.” We are so, so lucky! Thank you Ali Standish!!


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